Sue has always had an eye for colour and form and has applied her talent recently into the realm of visual art with ever increasing success as her skills and passion grow.
Sue’s work has been exhibited in a number of regional art shows where she regularly wins prizes.
In October 2016 Sue was the winner of the Warrumbungle Shire Council Acquisitive award at the Annual Warrumbungle Arts & Craft Exhibition and Expo.
The winning piece “Gum Blossoms” is exhibited in the Warrumbungle Shire Chambers in Coonabarabran.
Sue has been working on a variety of themes using mix media as her subject focus.
A current popular theme has been birds including emus with attitude, pelicans, blue wrens and parrots. Sue manages to capture the very essence of their characters in rich vibrant colours using a variety of media to get exactly the look she is after.
Flora is another popular theme for Sue with her trade mark plump fluffy gum blossoms, delicious grapes on the vine and passionfruit vines where the leaves, flowers and fruit seem to pop out of the frame as she captures their light, colour and natural qualities so well.
Sue lives in Ulamambri, a small village east of Coonabarabran and enjoys travelling.
Sue is available to host workshops by personal arrangement. 

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